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Jukebox Diner Fundraisers

How does our community fundraising work?

Step 1

Call us or use the online form to schedule your fundraiser.  The exact date and time of the event will be coordinated with the store manager, based on the restaurant’s availability. A fundraiser can be planned for a maximum of four hours, more time can be arranged if needed.

Step 2

Promote your fundraiser through flyers, posters or public service announcements. We can supply JBD logo and other marketing materials to you, upon request, to help in your efforts. we encourage you to advertise your event at least one or two weeks ahead of the scheduled date. We will be happy to display your flyers in the restaurant.

Step 3

Organize members of your organization to volunteer in the dining room during your fundraising event. We will train and supervise your volunteers to help your event run smoothly. (See  Manager for details.)

Step 4

On the night of the event, all original receipts from your organization’s purchases throughout the night are collected and put into a box. (tax is not included). Kindly, please, that your group NOT solicit our regular diners.

Step 5

Jukebox Diner will contribute the agreed-upon percentage of your organization’s receipts to your group and notify you of your final fundraising total within two weeks following your event